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He is the CEO of Social Astrologer, SNK Social Fame, SNK Creation Media. The Hindustan Times Featured him a top digital entrepreneur in India 2021. Mid Day says Kishanu Karmakar is one of the award-winning top 10 digital marketer and social media expert in India.

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How Jaipur Based Influencer Sandeep Karmakar Embarks Himself in the Presence of Fashion

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Learn about Instagram Influencer Sandeep Karmakar who has inspired others through his talent

Today's fast-paced life is changing fashion, and fashion enthusiasts are adapting fast. In recent years, Instagram has become an increasingly popular platform for fashion influencers. Despite the popularity of advanced gadgets and picture-perfect phones, the market is competitive as usual, and establishing a brand and fan base can be difficult. Sandeep Karmakar, a well-known Fashion Influencer from Jaipur, has turned everyone around with his fashion character and sense of humor. His fashion quotient has made him a social media smash, and his followers can't resist his stylish looks.

Being able to adapt to a rapidly changing culture and lifestyle led him to become a Fashion Blogger at a young age. As a result, today Sandeep Karmakar is known as one of the Top Fashion Influencers in India. In my life, I have always dreamed of learning more about creativity and artistic fields. Every new day brings new experiences and so much to learn. This youngster from Jaipur is setting fashion trends with his sleek and drool-worthy clothes. A number of news outlets have highlighted his achievements, inspiring young people to follow in his footsteps.

His obsession with fashion made him the most famous Fashion Influencer in India

Having the goal of life and adopting the same passion and showing it as something, very few people are able to do this in their whole life. A unique attitude and feeling towards lifestyle gave me the opportunity to enter the fashion industry, due to which I am recognized today by well-known artists of the industry. In today's marketplace, Sandeep Karmakar is renowned for his fashion style, attached to famous brands such as Myntra, Cantabil, Allen Solly, FabIndia, Park Avenue, Wrangler, Monte Carlo, Peter England & Zodiac.

Before he steps into the world of fashion, Sandeep was a college student, but never thought that his style would capture the hearts of everyone and he would soon rise to fame as an Instagram Influencer in India. Nowadays, a lot of young guys idolize him and play up his image as a fashion icon actor, and model.  A Young Artist from India, Sandeep Karmakar has earned collaborations with some of the world's most renowned brands. A number of labels, including Bata, boAt, Fastrack, Puma are eager to work with Sandeep, and his popularity helped both brands and Sandeep to reap rewards. Being the Famous Fashion Bloggers of India, they have always given the right message to society and youth, understanding their responsibility. To get more fashion trends and lifestyle buzz, you can follow on his Instagram.

As an influencer, Sandeep Karmakar is capitalizing on his social media image and monetizing his abilities by collaborating with brands. He has a successful marketing strategy and is reaping the fruits of it. As a celebrity, Sandeep Karmakar knows how to impress based on his loyal following of over 300k who mimic his style, fashion, and dressing efforts, it has cemented him a special position in the industry. He has scaled heights in this field of intense competition because of his strong personality and humble approach. His dress sense varies according to the occasion and you can seek his advice if desired.

Sandeep says that the goal of achieving something and the passion towards it only motivates you to act.


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