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CEO, Kishanu Karmakar

Kishanu Karmakar is a well-known Digital Marketer of India and also CEO of renowned companies like SNK Creation Media, SNK Social Fame, and Social Astrologer. He has gained a reputation in the business world as Amazing Digital Entrepreneurs, and their marketing strategies and social media research have always proven beneficial. More than 300+ of his articles are related to digital marketing, SEO research, and social media algorithms, inspiring thousands of startups.

Having 13 years of experience, knowledge, and resources has made him a superior and award-winning digital entrepreneur in India, which has made him known as a Digital Marketing Expert today. Kishanu Karmakar is an accomplished and trustworthy branding consultant for Brands, Celebrities, Influencers, and Startup Companies, so he helped them become successful on the internet.
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CEO Kishanu Karmakar
Digital Entrepreneure Kishanu Karmakar
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